Erik Albers

Erik Albers is communication and programme manager for the Free Software Foundation Europe and engages since many years for users' and software freedom. Erik regularly publishes articles about diverse aspects of Free Software on different channels and occasionally writes on In his spare time, Erik researches about digital sustainability with a special focus on sustainability of an by software as well as therein implied dependencies or solutions.

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F-Droid:Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best Free Software apps

After a short introduction about software freedom on Android and Custom ROMs, I will demonstrate the Free-Software-App-Repository "F-Droid" with its anarchic and anti-censorship features. But as F-Droid offers you access to hundreds of Free-Software-apps and the sheer amount can be overwhelming in the beginning, in a next step I will also come up with the 10 or so most important apps (IMHO!).