Peter Buschkamp

After studying Physics in Bielefeld, I somehow thought getting a PhD in Astrophysics is fun. It was. In part. Now I build optical instruments that get to fly on satellites by day and sometimes stare at the sky by night. In between, I like to discuss and mull over implications of natural and computer sciences for society, hike the alps and help to build the Munich Freifunk wireless backbone.

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Freifunk - The Next Generation
Peter Buschkamp

FF-TNG aims at regrowing a local FF based network community by -on the one hand- going back to the 90's "Bürgernetze" Idea of free communication with others, (focus on VOIP, SMS, Chat, mail) but also by enabling the individual community member to offer services to others and the world (e.g. via DNS zone delegation to individual nodes). For true autonomy we envisage to not only use WIFI and VPN links but also include LORA-based communication to connect local nodes for low bitrate communication (chat, sms).

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