Jos Poortvliet

People person, technology enthusiast and all-things-open evangelist. Doing marketing at Nextcloud, previously Community Manager at ownCloud and SUSE, recovering business consultant with decade long involvement in the KDE community. Enjoys avoiding traffic and public transport on bike through Berlin, but only when the weather is good. Loves cooking for friends and family and playing with the dog.

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Get your data back under control - 200 things you can do with Nextcloud
Jos Poortvliet

We live in a world of data theft and broken clouds and I believe it is time to decentralize, host at home or a local provider we trust. Nextcloud is an option that can take care of many of your file sync'n'share, chat and document editing needs, and I'll show how and why!

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End-to-end encryption for secure, zero-knowledge file sync & share
Jos Poortvliet

In this talk I'll detail the Nextcloud End-to-end Encryption design, going through the steps of creating the private/public key pair, encrypting and syncing it, encrypting files and uploading them, adding devices to the trusted circle and so on.

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Jos Poortvliet, shiro

We're the Nextcloud community ( and we're here to meet people and chat about self-hosting, decentralization, federation, and many more topics! We can also show you Nextcloud demos, help you to get involved in our community, and of course, tell you everything about our new Nextcloud Include diversity program!

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