Careables: Open Source Hardware in Health+Care [Introduction]
2018-12-28, 13:30–13:50 (Europe/Berlin), OIO lecture arena
Language: English


Calling all hackers, designers, makers, carers, and healthcare professionals!

What are challenges you face every day using standard tools for health and wellbeing? Do you have an idea that makes everyday life easier? How could you use your existing hackerspace to foster exchange and collaboration in health and care?

Through Careables, maker and designer collaborate with patients and healthcare professionals to create personalized solutions and open source knowledge that will improve the lives of many patients and professionals.

Accessible, comprehensive and easy to use open source hardware are being documented, collected and shared through the platform This platform is currently being launched and will function as repository for well documented open hardware projects. It offers many different communities a place to connect and exchange knowledge, needs and co-create solutions.

It's easy to think of open hardware that make a difference in people's lives. An example of this is OPEN LIGHTS. This project offers people with wheelchairs an adjustable wheelchair specific light that makes them better visible at night and that can be built with most common DIY technologies.

tl;dr: GIG is the global network of social and technological innovators. #wearegig

Global Innovation Gathering (GIG) is a vibrant, diverse community of innovation hubs, makerspaces, hackerspaces and other grassroot innovation community spaces and initiatives as well as individual innovators, makers, technologists and changemakers. GIG is pursuing a new vision for global cooperation based on equality, openness and sharing. We aim to enable more diversity in the production of technology, and global innovation processes and support open and sustainable solutions developed by grassroot innovators. With strong roots in the global south, we share, collaborate and work together globally. GIG provides a platform for meaningful exchange by fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration between its members.

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